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The Basics of Survival Knives It is easy to know what the use of the survival knives are because as the name suggests it is for a person to be able to survive in certain situations. The survival knives are being carried by a lot of people such as the campers, military troops, backpackers and hunters. The survival knives are also being used by a lot of people that are fond of outdoor activities. What are the important factors that you need to be able to consider when you will have to buy survival knives? There are as a matter of fact various sizes and designs to the survival knives. Another thing that you should know about the survival knives are its designs – it is similar to that of the machete. There are also other survival knives that have a long and strong blade. There are also designs of the survival knives that can be folded which means that if you wish to carry around one with you then you may do so. One of the many facts about survival knives that you will see in this article are its common designs. Multi purpose blades is as a matter of fact what most of the survival knives have. This means that the blade is able to perform various tasks such as the following: prying, chopping, spearing and cutting. You can also make use of the survival knife as a spear because the handle comes with a lanyard hole most of the time.
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The most common feature of the survival knife is that on one side of the blade there is a part that looks like the teeth of the saw. The reason behind this is because this part is used to cut wood. However, their use is limited for the reason that they have limited length. The main use of this kind of survival knife is so that the crew will be able to cut through the thin metal of the aircraft. What is great about this kind of survival knife is that they can be effectively used in scraping bark or wood so that fire will be started.
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There is another common feature of the survival knives and this is the hollow handle. The feature of this kind of survival knives is due to the adaptation of a movie. You may be able to store your gear in the handle which is why this survival knives are quite popular. The blade is as a matter of fact attached to the survival knives which means that it is not part of it. Some of the survival knives are made out of a single steel.